What is Fellowship of AAFM® ?

Fellowship of American Academy of Financial Management® USA, AAFM® USA, is regarded as the premier designation for those working in the finance profession.

AAFM® Finance Fellowship is highly prized Internationally.

Fellowship carries the designatory letters FAAFM®(Fellow of American Academy of Financial Management USA).

AAFM® Fellowships are awarded by the AAFM® Board of Standards USA to those who have made a significant positive contribution to both the financial services profession and to the AAFM®.

The concept behind the AAFM® Fellowship is to offer Fellows added status to their professional standing, opportunities to enhance/expand their professional contacts, demonstrate outstanding achievements in their fields and discover new ways of thinking and collaboration.

It also provides opportunities to work on a voluntary basis, collaborate with other influential groups, including notable policy makers, and continue to promote their reputation as industry professionals in a wide range of Financial Services specialties.

By achieving the AAFM® Certification, you have already demonstrated a high level of commitment, but the Fellowship shows that you have taken this commitment one step further. Acquiring the FAAFM® designation will further demonstrate your knowledge, experience and professionalism to the world.

Who can become Fellow of AAFM®?

  • *Three years continuous membership of the AAFM®
  • Be a current member of the AAFM® (and remain a member throughout your progression to Fellowship)
  • Have been employed (or self-employed) in financial services industry for at least 4 years
  • Contribution and achievement in the wider Financial Services Industry (a brief summary of relevant activities is normally sufficient)
  • The fellowship application needs to be verified/recommended. For
    Salaried Applicants - By their HR Head or Training Head
    Entrepreneurs/ Professionals Applicant- By Head of an Association /Chapter which the applicant is a member or any Association/Chapter Office Bearer related to the applicant line of work.

    The verifier will be expected to confirm that the work of the ‘Fellowship Applicant’ in the wider Financial Services industry is consistent with the requirements and, of a standard suitable for a prospective Fellow of the AAFM®
    Download Example Letter of Verification /Recommendation

*The following Criteria for continuous membership are in place:

  • Applications received by the AAFM® on or before 31 December 2020 will require three years continuous Membership.
  • Applications received by the AAFM® after 31 December 2020 but in calendar year 2022 will require four years continuous Membership.
  • Applications received by the AAFM® after calendar year 2022 will require five years continuous Membership.

Contribution and Achievement in the wider Financial Services Industry

This can be achieved through work with AAFM® or elsewhere and some examples are shown below. The list is not exhaustive but is intended as a guide on what is necessary to achieve a successful application for Fellowship.

Working with the AAFM ® – examples of this could be:

  • Provide support to the AAFM® in terms of examination setting or marking.
  • Mentoring Student Members for AAFM® examinations for a minimum period of two years.
  • Presenting and/or leading discussions at AAFM® events.
  • Contributing articles for Financial Services Industry .

Working for the Financial Services Industry – examples of this could be:

  • Publication of a portfolio of work or authoring a published book in the area of Financial Services.
  • presenting at non-AAFM® public events on key issues relating to the financial services industry. A summary of the key themes of the event, the main points of the presentation and professional standing of the audience (e.g. 'audience consisted of …………………… type) must be provided.
  • statement of unique contribution to Financial Services Industry. A summary of key achievements, processes, tools developed, type of clients serviced must be provided.
  • leadership of online forums on subjects relating to Financial Services Industry
  • making significant contributions to government policy initiatives in Financial Services or Financial Literacy. A Summary of key achievements to be provided.

The Fellowship Applicant need to provide a “Major Achievement Statement” highlighting the above.

Apply for AAFM® Fellowship


Apply For AAFM® Fellowship

Supporting documentation, Can be Uploaded/ Emailed/Couriered

Fees for AAFM® Fellowship

Election Fees (One Time) : 150 USD
Annual Subscription : 100 USD
Lifetime Fellowship : 1500 USD

How can I Continue my Fellowship of AAFM®?

Continuing Your AAFM® Fellowship

  • Your Fellowship is valid for 1 year from the Date of Issue of the Fellowship Certificate and can be renewed yearly by completing the CPD Criteria of AAFM® and paying the annual subscription.
  • A Fellow is allowed a grace of 30 Days to renew his fellowship from the date of expiry in case a Fellow wants to renew his fellowship post 30 days of expiry they can renew it by paying the Election Fees along with the Annual Subscription

Professional Code of Ethics

On joining the AAFM®, all members agree to adhere to the Professional Code of Ethics. Membership of AAFM® is a privilege. The disciplines and standards of behavior expected of members must uphold the reputation of the profession and the Academy. This reputation could easily be marred by the shortcomings of a few members. The interests of employers and customers of those members whose business is that of offering advice or providing services must also be protected. The AAFM® Board therefore believes that members will adhere to utmost ethical behavior in matters of a professional nature and issues of Professional Code of Ethics which represents those standards which can be expected to be the minimum necessary to uphold the professional integrity of members.
Full Details of Professional Code of Ethics .