• Global Career In Economics"?

  • Global Career In Economics"?

  • Global Career In Economics"?

Take the first step by earning globally acclaimed 'Chartered Economist' 'CH.E®'Certification.

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CHARTERED ECONOMIST’ ® - The Best Online & International Course in Economics

Chartered Economist Certification is awarded by American Academy of Financial Management® (AAFM® USA) is the world's highest, most accepted Designation in Economics.

About Chartered Economist Ch.E® Certification.

The ChE Chartered Economist® is the Gold Standard of Financial Economics Certification and Standards ....
The World's First Economics Professional Designation - SINCE 1996


    ✔ Chartered Economist® ChE® is the world's highest, most accepted Economics Designation.
    ✔ Worldwide Economists, Research Analysts, Credit Analysts, and Corporate Finance Professionals hold this designation.
    ✔ The Designation and Certification are issued Directly from AAFM USA.
    ✔ Recognized in over 170+ countries via 800 training providers, universities, colleges and business schools.
    ✔ Corporate Members of AAFM India give first preference to Ch. E® Designation Holders in recruitment.
    ✔ Enhanced career and employment opportunities with Corporates, KPO's, after Research Houses, not Universities etc.
    ✔ Increase your depth of knowledge in key areas of Economics.

    Thanks to our global reach, we can help you get where you want to go. Whether you sharpen your skills or gain something new, you'll have experience that will give you the flexibility to move to another country if you choose to.


    ✔ Economists
    ✔ Corporate Finance Professionals
    ✔ Professors and Research Analysts
    ✔ Credit and Risk Analysts
    ✔ Financial Analysts
    ✔ Students Pursuing Economic Courses
    ✔ Anyone who works within the finance & economic function and is interested in updating themselves on current developments in economic and financial decision making and strategic planning.
    ✔ Opportunities for Chartered Economist are available in Banks, Wealth Management Companies, Investment Houses, Mutual Fund companies, Corporate Houses and Brokerage Houses.
    ✔ This course assumes no prior knowledge of economics, finance or accounting.

    Designation Expected Pay (p.a.)
    Actuarial Analyst 50 Lacs
    Data Analyst 20 Lacs
    Economist 30 Lacs
    Financial & Economic Risk Analyst 25 Lacs
    Statistician 18 Lacs
    Management Consultant 24 Lacs
    Quantity Surveyor 18 Lacs
  • Module 1 - Fundamentals of Economics: Micro & Micro Economics

    For a professional like a Chartered Economist an understanding of markets and economic systems is of prime importance. This module would enable the Chartered Economist to get a basic understanding of the Micro-economics and Macro-economics. This module would also cover the fundamental aspects of economics. The module would enable the Economics professionals in acquainting with the fundamentals, history and origination of the Economics. The objective of the module is to enable a Chartered Economist to understand the changes in economic environment of the financial markets and economic instruments.

  • Module 2 - Econometrics

    The module would focus on making a Chartered Economist understand the concepts of Econometrics. The module would look into the different economic concepts like Econometrics, Simple Linear Regression Model and Multiple Regression Model which would act as a stepping stone towards the high-end economic analysis. The overall aim of this module is to provide hands on experience on the calculation of some of the basic but important measures of economic analysis.

  • Module 3 - Industrial Economics

    Greater Chartered Economists are those who have a strong hold to understand the facts, figures and economic circumstances of the industry as a whole. This module would serve this objective to the fullest. This module aims at analyzing and assessing the industrial economics in a manner which would lead him to understanding of the industry and the industrial organization & concentration. The module would cover detailed descriptions of industrial organization, the theory of firms and the industry concentration, which gives an insight to the industrial economy of the industry.

  • Module 4 - International Economics - I

    This module would be the first part of the conceptual knowledge with regard to the international economics. This module endeavour to make Chartered Economist understand the importance of international economics like balance of payment, foreign exchange policy of international economics. This module would also strive to cover the balance of payment and foreign exchange policy which are of utmost importance for a Chartered Economist to understand in the current context of international economy.

  • Module 5 - International Economics - II

    The objective of this module is to provide an overview of other aspects of international economics and their analyses. Because of the complex nature of the international economics, this module places an extra emphasis on the understanding of the economic forces driving the international trade, international tariffs, trade regulations and international trade policies. The concepts of international economics covered in this module include international trade, tariffs, trade regulations and trade policies. The descriptive content characteristics of this international trade, tariffs, regulations and policies are explained in terms of international economics. Various techniques for the study of international trade, tariffs, regulations and policies are illustrated in detail.

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About AAFM

The American Academy of Financial ManagementTM is a worldwide Board of Standards and financial professional organization, with members in 151+ countries offering exclusive certified designations, charters, and masters certification to candidates who meet the high standards.

Fast Fact

✔ Founded in the Year 1996 - 24 Years Old Organization
✔ 3,00,000 + Certificants Globally
✔ 50,000 + Accredited Financial Analyst® Globally
✔ Member Presence in 151+ Counties
✔ Offices in 17 Countries
✔ AAFM® works with more than 800 Universities worldwide.
✔ Global recognition agreement with AACSB and ACBSP Accreditation Agency

Global Recognnition

About AAFM

The American Academy of Financial ManagementTM is the international professional organization for Wealth Managers, “Private Bankers”, Portfolio Managers, Investment Advisors, Asset Managers, Project Manager and Trust and Estate Practitioners Worldwide.

Fast Facts

  • Founded in the Year 1996-24 Years Old Organization
  • 3,00,000 + Certificants Globally
  • Member Presence in 151+ Counties
  • Offices in 17 Countries
  • AAFM® works with more than 800 Universities worldwide.
  • Global recognition agreement with AACSB and ACBSP Accreditation Agency

USA based board of Standards, certifying and accreditation Council

Global Self Regulatory

Founder in 1996

Membership in 150 Countries

Professional association member of ACBSP and the AACSB International

Alliance with the Asian Center for Professional Excellence, The Asian Bankers Association, The RSOF Royal Society of Fellows Worldwide.


Testimonials feedback

  • Chartered Economist® (Ch.E.)is truly a international qualification. Got very wide coverage of relevant financial topics. Will not hesitate to recommend anyone intending to make career in Economics.

    Ajay Garg Executive Director-NR Corp Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

  • The CH.E.® Course is very good. I learnt a lot from the subject. A very good course covering various subjects. I am very happy of my decision to become a Chartered Economist®

    Rajesh J Mehra Self Employed

  • CH.E.® has holistic approach to words comprehensive financial planning and economics. The curriculum is much wider and exhaustive compare to other well known financial services courses.

    Rohit Warman Trainer & Consultant-Warman and Associates

  • I am on verge of retirement. I am a CFPCM by holding this CH.E.® Certification I have a real Global Credential which has immensely helped me to develop as a practitioner. I would highly recommend this Designation from AAFM USA to all Financial Professionals.

    Kanchan Zipa Ubale Development Officer-LIC of India

  • The CH.E.® Curriculum is rigorous and highly relevant to the current industry requirements. The course has developed me and inculcated in me the skills required to be successful in the Wealth Management industry..

    Piyus Gupta CH.E.® Certificant