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You are worried what will happen to your property after you pass away
You are worried who will look after your minor children after you & your spouse passes away
You are worried if you become incapacitated, How will your Family Members have access to your wealth
You have recently Lost a Family Member

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Key Features :-

Professional ‘Will Drafting Service’ from NexGen Estate Planners ensures that your post death wishes are put into legal form, so that you decide while you are alive:

tickwho will deal with your assets & properties (the ‘executors’)

tickwho will look after your children (the ‘guardians’)

tickwhether to leave any cash sums (‘legacies’) or particular items (‘specific gifts’) to your loved ones or to charities

tickwhether to give a right to live in relation to a property

tickwhether to create a ‘trust’ for the benefit of certain beneficiaries

tickhow to deal with any immovable asset you may own

tickwhat will happen to the rest of the estate (the ‘residue’)

tickwhether to leave specific instructions in relation to your funeral

No Matter

How complicated or simple your Will may be, our consultants will work closely with you,listening carefully to your needs and wishes, and providing advice based on all the information you give.:


At Nexgen Estate Planning Solutions, we offer an initial face-to-face meeting that places you under no obligation to take any other service.

What happens if You don’t have a Will?

Tens of thousands of people every year have their bereavement compounded by the fact that their loved ones left no clear instructions on how their estate should be dealt with in the event of their death, and face court battles and large expenses to try and solve the puzzle.

Research has highlighted that almost everyone makes the wrong assumption over who would benefit if they died without a Will.

Most married people assume their spouse ‘automatically’ inherits everything they own, with or without a Will. This is not true.

Married couples can only ensure guaranteed inheritance of their entire estate from each other if there is a Will.

Most Parents think that after both of them pass away and if their Child is still a Minor the Custody of their Child passes to a Near Relative.

This is not true as in such cases the Court Decides ‘Who gets the custody of the Child?’

So, the consequences of not preparing a ‘Will’ are very damaging for the people you leave behind.

Why choose Nexgen Estate Planning Solutions?

The Will Writing Company offers one of the most affordable means of guaranteeing peace of mind for both you and the people you care for most. You can give your instructions for the drafting of a professionally prepared Will at a time that suits you, in the comfort of your own home. We offer a fixed and guaranteed cost, our documents are written in plain English and are jargon free.


Nexgen’s Estate Planning Services include advice and execution support for trusts, wills, Power of Attorney, Letter of Guardianship, Special & Minor Child Protection, Probate, Letter of Administration, Succession Certificate, HUF related matters, Family Settlement agreements and Succession Planning. Whatever be your concerns regarding Estate Planning, Succession Planning or Intergenerational Wealth Transfer, we are there for you.